More competition in Job Hunt for new batch of CAs

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With 5.57% success rate of CA final result declared in the beginning of 2016 out show the competitiveness in the recent exams. Similar combativeness amongst the newly CA will be there to get the job in dream organization.  In recent interaction, Employe-Hub expert CA Gaurav Wadhwa , sharing his own experience of Interview processes and exposure of Industry of more than 5 years in  the  fraternity.

  • Industry Updated

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most elite professions in the world. No one understands a company’s financial health better than a Chartered Accountant. In current scenario With the ease of Business in India through government policies like #MakeinIndia, #StartupIndia, #MudraBank and many more, Business procedure like  risk management, corporate Governance, financing, Auditing, Taxation, regulatory requirements become crucial. It simultaneously increases the demand for more CAs

  • Cracking the Interview

It’s time to switch from the exam mode and to refresh your interview skill for writing as well as communication. Along with the subject knowledge its more useful if as a candidate you get prepared with body language and confidence level to impress the interviewer. It will be handy to practice interview for reducing nervousness.

  • Intern-ship Experience

Your practical experience which gained during the internship is vital to start your career as it gives you hands own experience to the working culture.  Start to your new job, re-analysis of the work done while internship will be helpful in better understanding of new job responsibilities.

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#MakeinIndia- with Indian IT Service Sector


With global and national endorsement, the ‘Make In India’ campaign kicked off its International stint from Hannover Messe 2015. The campaign is not just about manufacturing sector, but also brings opportunities for the matured Indian IT sector where a skilled talent pool works round the clock for global enterprises.

Indian IT sector not just leads the service sector, but also has a major stake in global technology industry with its outsourcing service capabilities. In the current scenario, Make In India provides a great ease of business opportunities with companies in India. The need of the hour for IT companies is to explore possibility of outsourcing in not just Tier 1 cities, but also in Tier 2 and 3.

The World Bank report states, India now ranks 130 out of 189 amongst the countries for ease of business, moving up 12 places from the last year. In a recent statement, MoS for Finance Jayant Sinha, mentioned about government’s continuous efforts to be in top 100 nations in terms of ease of doing business. Reducing the legal formalities of starting new business to single window and lesser documentation is a positive step. Current economic growth with 7.4% reinforces the growth trends in Indian Economy, whereas the major economies of the world are struggling.


The growth of any country can be attributed to its young and performing populace. India has majority of its population under the age of 35 years. Millions of graduates pass out of colleges and universities with required knowledge set, which helps the IT sector with a large talent pool to choose from. Enhancing the communication skills is a prerequisite to meet the industry’s expectations.

Government with their campaigns like #SkillIndia and #DigitalIndia is working towards nurturing the talent pool with the required skill sets and digitalization. IT Service Industry is one of the leaders in providing employment opportunities in India.

#Breaking Barriers for Outsourcing

Ease of doing business not only means setting up of new businesses but convenience and assistance in execution of business activities w.r.t financial, legal, infrastructure related concerns. The legal reforms are required to protect the interest in case of IPR and Patent issues. With better infrastructure facilities, scope of providing 24*7 uninterrupted services to match time lag, have improvised across cities in India. It also helps in increasing faith and trust in Indian companies.

Infrastructure, segment where India was lacking behind decades ago is improving and ensuring better connectivity globally. Ease on ‘Visa on Arrival’ recently extended to 180 countries allows convenient business travel.

#Quality Quotient

A logo of Made in India® for quality adherence is definitely adding value to brand #MakeinIndia. Compliance to international quality standards further strengthens position of Indian IT industry globally. Timely delivery and meeting the customer expectations are the major factors determining effective delivery. Moreover, Indian IT companies rate high in terms of ISO Certifications.

India IT Industry while encountering all the challenges of outsourcing, provide a great scope for mutually beneficial global partnership.


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Image sharing of Brands and their Ambassadors


Recent outrage on Amir Khan’s remark jolts the brand Snapdeal for all their labour of connecting with customers.  An orthodox attempt to link Snapdeal to Amir Khan’s personal comments on the #intolerance in India is highly unreasonable. People are protesting against the brand ambassador and vandalizing the Brand by uninstalling the Snapdeal mobile app with negative ratings. Not only Snapdeal, but also #IncredibleIndia, Indian government’s campaign too have to feel the heat of the instance.

In the marketing world, Brands are always trying to capitalize the positive image of a Celebrity or persona to connect with larger target audience and convey message in more effective manner, an age old practise.

Social Media, where brands are connecting directly with the user and sharing a common platform, allows the users to interact one on one, be it a tweet or a sharing on FB pages. It is an unceasing marketing activity to manage the images of both the allies together and converting in results for their activities.

Recently, we had seen the counterpart consequence when Nestle’s Maggi faced ban in India for some of its ingredients. The outrage was faced by its leading Brand Envoys in form of legal suits for promoting the brand. In a mutual relationship of Brand and its image scout; both act dependent on their market value. In many situations we had seen a celebrity becoming a life saver for the brands too.  Amitabh Bachhan rejuvenated the Cadbury brand by rebuilding the customers trust with the product.

A never-ending relation where allies face the outcome of others action and reactions. The marketers need to come out with effective marketing strategies to counter such confrontations/situations.

Happy Birthday Jaipur!

Rajasthan Tourism Beat

Jaipur, the City of Victory, is chaotic and congested; though it still has a habit of tickling everyone pink. The city which once had been the capital of the royalty now is the capital city of Rajasthan.  Stunning hilltop forts and glorious palaces fit like footprints from a rich royal past, candy floss – bright turbans blaze a trail through brilliant bargain-filled bazaars, and fluttering saris catch the eye like butterflies.

Today Jaipur celebrates its 284th Birthday with all the glory and enthusiasm.

On this day in 1727, Jaipur was founded by the ruler Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, after whose name the city has been founded and since then the residents of the city have been able to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the city. This Heritage city has so much to show to everyone who comes here.

“Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh was an intelligent king” is supported by the…

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Outsourcing: Need of the hour for the IT Industry


With the frequent changes in the Technology curve, a major concern to the ISV( Independent software vendors) and the OPD(offshore product development) companies in the world is to match the ‘Resource-Skill’ demand of the Industry. Considering this situation, it’s a fruitful option to consider outsourcing to match this demand-supply gap. The leading Indian companies in offshore business provide regular trainings and update their resources by maximizing the domain of technology. Even in case of specific requirements, they hire team with required technology.

Inadequacy of resource or the skill set is not the maiden reason which leads to outsourcing but allowing the best person to do the required work at most effective price is the prime reason of existence of outsourcing.

Globalization and technological enhancement have removed the distance constraint of establishing an offshore team. Using effective technology we can connect with an offshore team sitting miles away and interact in real time like dealing with someone sitting next to you. Companies working in offshore world provide effective timings to the employees so they can manage the time-lap between different time-zones.

Off-shoring has been proven as a major reason of success for companies in every domain. They not only manage to reduce costs but also been able to optimize the productivity along with exploring and adding new future possibilities of business expansion. Sometimes, companies are reluctant to consider outsourcing, they can use the POC (Proof of Concept)  to understand and analyse the working of outsourcing companies.

Exploring to the new horizon is always an add-on benefit if capitalised efficiently. Offshore is no longer used to reduce costs but its gradually moving towards availability of most capable and well experienced skilled resources in the world.

Answer Cold Call – Don’t Lose Golden Opportunity

answer the cold call

Answer the Cold Call – Don’t Lose the Golden Opportunity

We tend to read numerous articles on how to pitch for cold call, how to make your cold calling fruitful, tricks and techniques of cold calling. But an important concern is – How to answer the cold call.

Believe it or not but a just one cold call can give your business a complete 360® turn. A recall on past business relationships suggests that more than 75 percentage of these work started from a cold call which was received from a company’s representative for introducing their services.

Being on other side of the Phone: how to handle the cold call effectively

What if you have missed that cold call? Or if you have ignored that cold call? Or didn’t take it seriously… But it’s not possible to answer each and every cold call received daily. If done so, it will cost you huge on you productivity hours for attending such calls.

Use it for Networking

Rather than avoiding the call it’s better to tackle the call effectively and use it for effective networking, get a chance to make yourself aware about the new solutions or services available in the market or what the competitors are doing.

Use it as Solution Provider

These solutions can be handy in tough situation where you really need a solution to a problem. Quick review on the information shared during the cold can help you in find relevant response to a problem.  Let them analyse your pain point, get the tentative solutions and figure out the scope for improvement in your current working.

Clear the Agenda

Be clear about the call; what is relevant to your current working and what is not. And if you are not willing to share your details then ask for generic information from the person calling you to introduce services.