Answer Cold Call – Don’t Lose Golden Opportunity

answer the cold call

Answer the Cold Call – Don’t Lose the Golden Opportunity

We tend to read numerous articles on how to pitch for cold call, how to make your cold calling fruitful, tricks and techniques of cold calling. But an important concern is – How to answer the cold call.

Believe it or not but a just one cold call can give your business a complete 360® turn. A recall on past business relationships suggests that more than 75 percentage of these work started from a cold call which was received from a company’s representative for introducing their services.

Being on other side of the Phone: how to handle the cold call effectively

What if you have missed that cold call? Or if you have ignored that cold call? Or didn’t take it seriously… But it’s not possible to answer each and every cold call received daily. If done so, it will cost you huge on you productivity hours for attending such calls.

Use it for Networking

Rather than avoiding the call it’s better to tackle the call effectively and use it for effective networking, get a chance to make yourself aware about the new solutions or services available in the market or what the competitors are doing.

Use it as Solution Provider

These solutions can be handy in tough situation where you really need a solution to a problem. Quick review on the information shared during the cold can help you in find relevant response to a problem.  Let them analyse your pain point, get the tentative solutions and figure out the scope for improvement in your current working.

Clear the Agenda

Be clear about the call; what is relevant to your current working and what is not. And if you are not willing to share your details then ask for generic information from the person calling you to introduce services.


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