Outsourcing: Need of the hour for the IT Industry


With the frequent changes in the Technology curve, a major concern to the ISV( Independent software vendors) and the OPD(offshore product development) companies in the world is to match the ‘Resource-Skill’ demand of the Industry. Considering this situation, it’s a fruitful option to consider outsourcing to match this demand-supply gap. The leading Indian companies in offshore business provide regular trainings and update their resources by maximizing the domain of technology. Even in case of specific requirements, they hire team with required technology.

Inadequacy of resource or the skill set is not the maiden reason which leads to outsourcing but allowing the best person to do the required work at most effective price is the prime reason of existence of outsourcing.

Globalization and technological enhancement have removed the distance constraint of establishing an offshore team. Using effective technology we can connect with an offshore team sitting miles away and interact in real time like dealing with someone sitting next to you. Companies working in offshore world provide effective timings to the employees so they can manage the time-lap between different time-zones.

Off-shoring has been proven as a major reason of success for companies in every domain. They not only manage to reduce costs but also been able to optimize the productivity along with exploring and adding new future possibilities of business expansion. Sometimes, companies are reluctant to consider outsourcing, they can use the POC (Proof of Concept)  to understand and analyse the working of outsourcing companies.

Exploring to the new horizon is always an add-on benefit if capitalised efficiently. Offshore is no longer used to reduce costs but its gradually moving towards availability of most capable and well experienced skilled resources in the world.


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