Image sharing of Brands and their Ambassadors


Recent outrage on Amir Khan’s remark jolts the brand Snapdeal for all their labour of connecting with customers.  An orthodox attempt to link Snapdeal to Amir Khan’s personal comments on the #intolerance in India is highly unreasonable. People are protesting against the brand ambassador and vandalizing the Brand by uninstalling the Snapdeal mobile app with negative ratings. Not only Snapdeal, but also #IncredibleIndia, Indian government’s campaign too have to feel the heat of the instance.

In the marketing world, Brands are always trying to capitalize the positive image of a Celebrity or persona to connect with larger target audience and convey message in more effective manner, an age old practise.

Social Media, where brands are connecting directly with the user and sharing a common platform, allows the users to interact one on one, be it a tweet or a sharing on FB pages. It is an unceasing marketing activity to manage the images of both the allies together and converting in results for their activities.

Recently, we had seen the counterpart consequence when Nestle’s Maggi faced ban in India for some of its ingredients. The outrage was faced by its leading Brand Envoys in form of legal suits for promoting the brand. In a mutual relationship of Brand and its image scout; both act dependent on their market value. In many situations we had seen a celebrity becoming a life saver for the brands too.  Amitabh Bachhan rejuvenated the Cadbury brand by rebuilding the customers trust with the product.

A never-ending relation where allies face the outcome of others action and reactions. The marketers need to come out with effective marketing strategies to counter such confrontations/situations.


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